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The sexual harrassment and sexual abuse of our children is an issue that is very distressing and requires serious campaigns and serious child protection are needed. In general, child sexual abuse is happening in other societies around the world. Research reports reveal that children are being physically and psycho-emotionally abused by people in their families, other people they know, as well as strangers.

The government agencies and NGOs who work in relation to this issue must prioritize and work hard to protect children.     This work includes raising awareness of this issue across society, sharing knowledge on children’s rights, training relevant personnel, and serious enforcement of the law against offenders of child sexual crimes. Other than this, there needs to be an appropriate system to assist child victims and help them recover from the psycho-emotional impact of these violations.

Children are the future of our nation. Protecting children from abuse is an important responsibility held by everyone in society. We hope that the situation for our children will continually improve. We have to help each other monitor their safety and report incidents of harm to help protect children.

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