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Thai Penal Code Offenses
(2022 Version)

Sexual Abuse

Human Trafficking

Physical Harm

Online Material

The sexual abuse and exploitation of children online can also be considered to be a human trafficking offense. One example is the production and distribution of child sexual abuse material (child pornography) through means of deception online, such as persuading a child to indecently expose their bodies by offering the child gifts, drugs, or promises of helping them enter the entertainment business. Once the offender obtains the indecent images of the child, the offender might sell this child sexual abuse material, thus illegally exploiting the child. Children may be subjected to other forms of sexual servitude, such as serving customers at an establishment where sexual benefits are hidden. In such establishments, child sexual abuse material is often produced to be distributed. Taking care of a child in exchange for a sexual relationship with that child is considered human trafficking, regardless of whether the child gave consent. Organizing the prostitution of children online is also a form of human trafficking. Another form of sexual exploitation is having a child perform sexually, which is illegal, whether or not the child was forced or deceived. It is illegal even if the child received money, assets, products, or services (various forms of assistance or protection) in exchange. Sexual exploitation includes offering the child to a third party/person to molest as well as having the child dress and act in a sexually provocative manner inside a service establishment.

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