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5 More Victims, Coach-Col. Tui Reliance Paweena to help. Continuing from the old case

The victim coached the ball with Col. Former army officer who supported the Tui Kid team. In the other five cases, parents brought their children aged 10-13 years old. Ro complained to "Paweena" and brought him to the police for further prosecution. Previously, two boys had filed a police report leading to their arrest, but after the accused was released on bail, he returned to the village and sent messages to the child's relatives to attend the event. Get morale at home yourself. The victim's mother was horrified and did not dare to report it. Unfold all sorts of sinister behaviors that bruise us children. Forced to consume semen claiming to get tall and even having to take a video of masturbation and send it to watch. The DPP approved compensation for the first two victims. 50,000 baht per person.

At Paweena Hongsakul Foundation for Children and Women At 3:30 p.m. on Dec. 26, a group of five parents from Udon Thani brought five boys aged between 10-13 years old to file a complaint against Mrs. Paweena Hongsakul. The president of the Paweena Foundation said that all five sons had been victims of Mr. Somporn Bodhiwanpang. 43 years old, Kaset District, Level 7, Udon Thani Province, a youth football coach, and Col. Kiattisat Sajjaakromnatri, 64 years old, a retired army officer. Football supporter arrested by police He was arrested and charged with participating in child rape and other charges. She asked Paweena to bring five more victims to the police for further prosecution. After the previous Paweena rescued two boys, the same 10 years old, who were raped by a coach and supporter of the football team and coordinated with the police. This led to the arrest of the two accused.

The mother of a 13-year-old boy, one of the five victims who filed a complaint, said she learned that children on the football team had been raped by coaches and supporters. I questioned my son until he learned that he had been abused since he was in class. Grade 5 In '64, he was overrun for 3 years. 1st grader at another school, but still on the football team and regularly goes to the teacher's house. Meanwhile, the other four teammates who were traveling together were also treated together. The mother never knew that her child was suffering, but because of her love for kicking football, she did not dare to tell anyone because she was threatened with expulsion from the team. At first, the 5 mothers didn't know what to do. However, for fear of influence, he did not dare to report it because he knew that the coach and supporters of the team knew a lot of big people, but when he saw Mrs. Paweena coordinating with the police, the police arrested both of them and decided to file a complaint for help.

Meanwhile, the grandmother of a 10-year-old boy, another victim, said parents are now upset because the football coach has been bailed out at home in the same village. On the first day, the coach came out, he sent a message to the child's aunt saying, "I want everyone and the kids to attend the wrist tie event to receive the coach at home. The news that went out wasn't entirely true. Always love everyone." However, the grandmother did not attend the event and did not believe what the coach said because she knew that what her grandchildren were doing was more than what was news. Like the mother of another 10-year-old boy, she revealed that she found out about the incident because she was tied to her mother on Facebook. I found a clip that my son sent to his coach and supporters in the messenger because the supporter forced the child to take a video of him masturbating and sent it to him several times and the sponsor transferred 20-30 baht at a time. Claiming that the children will be strong and tall has been done for more than 2 years.

Mrs. Paweena said that after receiving the case, she coordinated. Maj. Gen. Saruti, Sopha Commissioner. The five families will be brought to the police to file additional reports and provide information to the police, said Mr. Theer Pawangkanan, Deputy Secretary General of the Basic Education Commission (PEE). Attend the meeting to find ways to help and prevent misfortunes that occur to students.

Earlier when the police arrested the two accused, Mrs. Paweena took the parents of the first two victims, a 10-year-old boy, to the Ministry of Justice to seek compensation. The Minister of Justice assigned Mr. Somboon Muangklam, Advisor to the Minister of Justice, to represent the case and attend the meeting to find ways to help the victims of the case. Consider the grant of urgent relief in special cases. Department of Rights Protection The Ministry of Justice has approved compensation for both boys. 50,000 baht per person As for the other five boys who arrived today, Paweena Foundation will assist the children and their families to prosecute the perpetrators to the fullest extent and will coordinate to receive compensation for the victims as well.

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